There are 2.5 million orphans in Kenya and over 25,000 of those are in Naivasha, estimates UNICEF.

Panua is the Swahili word for “expand.” Panua Partners in Hope operates in Naivasha, Kenya, located in the Rift Valley Province, northwest of Nairobi. Our work builds relationships with Naivasha’s most vulnerable orphans and youth to help expand their opportunities for a future full of hope.

Children continue to suffer the loss of one or both of their parents as a result of the HIV/AIDS pandemic. When this happens, the burden of care falls to elderly family members and the oldest sibling left behind—all of them trapped in poverty.

Panua Partners in Hope is a comprehensive program embracing the well-being of the whole child.

This three-year program transforms lives of youth-led families by empowering them with food and housing security, emotional and spiritual well-being, health and hygiene, legal support, education and vocational training, and entrepreneurship.

Panua Partners in Hope seeks to move these vulnerable, broken children and youth from desperation and grief to a productive life of hope.