John’s Story


story 2John has become an entrepreneur, in every sense of the word. His father died when he was 15 years old, leaving him to care for his 5 younger siblings, ages 2 to 13. He dropped out of school and began collecting plastic and metal from garbage dumps to try to earn enough to buy food, but the young family often went hungry.  John became exhausted and hopeless.

When John joined Panua at age 16, the program supported him with a multi-story garden and rabbits. These small projects allowed John to begin feeding his family, and the sale of rabbits provided enough money to send his siblings back to school. His success with his rabbits led Panua to add a donkey and water cart to his business, meanwhile, he realizes that art was his true gift and passion.

Through profits from water vending and rabbits, he began a sign painting business which has been popular in his village. Because of networking opportunities in Panua, business is spreading into the city of Naivasha.