Stephen’s Story


23-year old electrical engineering candidate

Story 1Stephen is a 23-year-old electrical engineering candidate in Naivasha. When his father died 5 years ago, he was left to care for his ailing mother and 7 younger siblings in a two-room rented house. Forced to drop out of school to provide basic needs for the family and help pay for his mother’s medications, he became a baggage handler, earning $2.50 per day.

When Stephen entered the Panua program, he had lost any hope for his future and his sadness was apparent. He shared his dream of becoming an electrical engineer and Panua assisted him with a year-long vocational training in electrical installation. Following the training, he worked for a company of registered contractors to earn more income and gain experience. Panua provided Stephen with business counseling and a start-up kit, and the company hired him on a contract basis.

Stephen can now support his family with the money he makes installing electricity in peoples’ homes and is saving for his future. He has begun taking more coursework and he plans to continue until he becomes a fully registered contractor. This will enable him to fulfil his life-long dream of opening his own business.